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You are travelling in France. Travel conditions

With the ratification of the withdrawal agreement, the transition period guarantees that nothing will change for individuals and businesses in 2020 in order to give everyone the time to prepare for the implementation of the withdrawal agreement and the future relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom, which still remains to be negotiated.

The end of the transition period will have implications for EU and British citizens and economic players established in the EU and the UK, regardless of whether an agreement is reached on the future relationship. The shape of the future relationship with the United Kingdom still remains uncertain at the present time.

You are concerned 1) if you are a British citizen who wishes to travel in France and if you wish to know whether you will need a visa to travel to France or the rest of the European Union.

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asked questions

  • How will British citizens be able to travel in France, both now and in the future ?
  • Given the entry into force of the withdrawal agreement on 31 January 2020, travel requirements will remain the same as they are at present through to the end of the transition period: you can enter France with a valid passport. A visa is not necessary.

    The travel requirements that will apply after the transition period will depend on the outcome of the future relationship negotiations underway.

  • Will British citizens now have to take their passports to France? Will it be necessary to apply for a visa for short and long stays ?
  • During the transition period, travel requirements will remain the same as they are at present: travellers must be in possession of a valid passport or national identity card. Visas will not be required for either short stays (less than three months) or long stays.

    Following the transition period and if no other agreement comes into effect, British citizens who travel to France in the post-transition period will be treated as non-EU citizens, and will be subject to more stringent controls at border crossings. British travellers will also need a long-stay visa if they wish to stay more than three months.

    For shorter stays, British travellers will need a passport and will not need a visa, in accordance with a regulation be adopted at EU level provided that the UK reciprocally grants visa-free travel to all EU citizens.

    British family members of British citizens already living in France prior to 31 December 2020 will be issued with a visa free of charge and will be entitled to a residence permit when they arrive in France in accordance with the withdrawal agreement. Other measures may be taken to streamline border crossings.