In accordance with the withdrawal agreement, as of the 1 February 2020, British citizens without dual nationality are no longer eligible to vote or stand in local and European elections held in France.

The Withdrawal Agreement provides specific provisions for British nationals settled in France before December 31, 2020. In most cases, you will retain your rights acquired before this date and continue to benefit from social security coordination mechanisms. The agreement of December 30, 2020 does not modify these provisions in any way.

If you wish to settle in France, you are not covered by the provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement but the Trade and Cooperation Agreement provides for the coordination of social security in certain areas.

You are concerned if you are a British citizen residing in France and if you want your periods of activity and contribution to be taken into account for the calculation of your pension rights.
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  • If you go to live in the United Kingdom, your pension rights will be calculated according to the same rules as at present, taking into account the Withdrawal Agreement. The social security coordination rules of European regulations will remain applicable by France and the United Kingdom regardless of the dates of payment of your pensions.

  • Given the provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement and if your situation remains unchanged, your health insurance coverage and the conditions under which you are insured do not change. You continue to receive benefits under the same conditions as before.

    Since January 1, 2021, European social security coordination regulations continue to apply as acquired rights. These rules provide that if an insured person is a pensioner of one State and resides in the territory of another State, it is the State which pays his pension which is competent in matters of health insurance. Your healthcare costs in France therefore continue to be covered by French social security on behalf of the United Kingdom.

    If you have not already done so, you must request an S1 form “Registering for healthcare cover” from your British social security fund. This document will allow you to register with the French health insurance fund in your place of residence. The form will be valid for your entire period of residency in France and will provide you with coverage under the same conditions as a person insured under the French social security system.

    If you also become a pensioner of the French scheme, and continue to reside in France, the coordination rules provide that it is the French scheme which becomes directly competent for your health insurance.

    Please note: British nationals residing or working in France on December 31, 2020 must submit an application for a residence permit without delay and before July 1, 2021 on the platform: They will be required to hold a residence permit from October 1, 2021.